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Introducing PT Distinction AI Assistant

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January 8, 2024

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We're super excited to announce the beginning of PT Distinction AI! This is a game-changing move, set to majorly boost the work of elite personal trainers.

The first step is the unveiling of our super smart, programmed AI Assistant, made just for you. This advanced assistant can handle many tasks, giving great results in just a few seconds... And you don't even need to train it!

Simply ask for what you want, then relax as it gets the job done.

Want custom meal plan examples for your clients? Just ask your AI Assistant. Want to add some new content to your blog? Your assistant is ready to create it for you. From writing content for a website to coming up with new training plan ideas, your wish is our command.

Have a need for high protein recipes? The point is, no matter what you ask for, your new AI assistant will provide it quickly and accurately.

Of course, your knowledge and personal touch will always be key. But now much of the hard work can be done for you, and accomplished in just a few seconds.

This new development uses the latest AI tech and is incorporated smoothly into PT Distinction. We're taking care of the cost but happily offer it free to PT Distinction members.

To get started, log in to your trainer portal, open up the messenger and click on the AI Assistant. Then just ask it for anything you want!

Personal training and online coaching are about to be a lot easier.

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