Improvement - Adding Custom Exercises with Your Custom Results Charting Just Got Easy!

Feb 9, 2016

By Tim Saye

Adding custom exercises with descriptions and videos has always been very easy on PT Distinctions personal training software. However, the old system for adding tracking and charting to theses exercises was a little cumbersome. This has now been improved and perfected. In this video I show you the new, super easy system.

to create your own custom exercise on PT Distinction you can either click on the custom exercises and assessments icon and click on the link, or, you can use the more button and click on custom exercises. This will bring up the page with all of your current custom exercises. From here you can create a new one.

All you have to do to upload a new custom exercise is give it a title, description, then upload a video and save it.

To add custom results tracking and charting you select the exercise from your list of custom exercises, the most recent exercise will always be at the bottom of the page. click on edit, this is where you can put in what you want tracked and charted. From here simply add in the variables you want to be tracked and charted, you can ad as many as you like for each exercise.

After that you clients will very easily be able to record results for the variable you want them to record. You will then be able to have tables and graphs showing their progress on every single exercise.

Why not login here and give it a try?!