How You Can Use Facebook Live To Attract Online Clients

May 6, 2016

By Tim Saye

As you will have notice Facebook are allowing everybody to live broadcast from their personal profiles, business pages and in Facebook groups.

What does this mean for you?

It means you can get yourself in front of perspective clients for FREE and build both your offline and online training business.

Going on Facebook live every now and again with no real strategy will not get you clients. You need to have a purpose and be consistent.

Using Facebook Live will allow you to engage your followers, reach more people and build the like, know and trust that everyone talks about.

So what is Facebook Live about?

Spending some time putting together a content plan will mean you don’t waste time thinking of what to Facebook Live about and mean you will not ramble or stutter unnecessarily.

1) Demonstrations

Providing demonstrations of you putting together a healthy meal, show them how to effectively measure body stats and demo exercise techniques.

The great thing about this is you can think of so much content really easily. It’s all in your head. You talk about this day in day out with your clients so why not share it with everyone?

2) Host A Monthly Webinar

What better way to build your expert status by hosting a webinar to showcase your skills. You could host one each month on a hot topic!

You can share that you will be hosting a webinar on set date. Share it on all your social media platforms and email your list.

Webinars are a great way to get leads. You could have a special offer at the end of your webinar exclusively for them, or you can offer them an irresistible freebie so that you can continue to build a relationship with them.

3) Make Announcements

Tell people about your products and services. Confused people don’t buy so use it as an opportunity to ensure people understand exactly what you are all about and what problems you can solve for them.

It is important not to sell in every broadcast as you want to give value and build a relationship.

4) Q&As

Hosting a Q&A session. You can post a thread asking people to post questions they have and you can help them with.

If you do not have questions that have been posted you can use FAQs.

5) Use It Like A TV show!

How fabulous will it be to have your very own TV show? Well you can using Facebook Live!

Having a set time and day of the week will mean that people will know when to tune in.
Once you have done your live broadcast you can download and have a professional intro put on the front. Then you can upload to You Tube and embed on your blog.

6) Answer Client Questions

If you get lots of emails and Facebook messages asking you questions use Facebook Live to reply. Use their names so you can connect them and then afterwards you can tag them in on the post.

You could send the recording as a reply in the Facebook message and email to WOW them.

7) Film A Class/Session/Bootcamp

Sometimes people are scared or anxious about attending a class or signing up for a PT as they are not sure what to expect.

This is a great way to show your clients taking part in a class or bootcamp so they can see everyone digging deep and enjoying themselves. Get the music blasting and just do what you do best.

You can even use this for 1:1 sessions if you have a confident client or if you have a client that you are working with for free, you can stipulate that they have to be filmed and provide a testimonial.

8) Interview Your Clients

You can big yourself up as much as you like, but it will come off a lot better from your clients.

You could do this at the end of a group session so you have a few people to ask and they are less embarrassed in a group.

You could also do a more formal type interview where someone else films you interviewing a client.

9) Shout Outs

Shouting out about your clients, thank them for their hard work, single out people that have overcome problems or done particularly well.

You can even shout out to clients that haven’t come to a session, say you miss them and that you cannot wait to see them.

You don’t have to use all the above tactics, I would pick 1-2 and run with them straight away.

Plan them out and get to work.

As with everything that becomes successful you just need to be consistent and don’t put it off!

It might be out of your comfort zone, as you know usually the best things are!

The fear most have is that no-one will come to watch. Do you know Gary Vaynerchuck? (if not just Google him) Well, when he first started his Wine show no one watched at first.

If you are giving good value people will come to watch and they will share.

Remember your first PT session or group class, you were probably nervous. Like with anything, practice makes perfect.