How To Use Facebook Live On Your Desktop

Aug 5, 2016

By Tim Saye

Would you like to provide your customers with a look inside your online personal training system or a presentation with slides without the expense of webinar software?

Facebook Live is a sure way to sky rocket your social media presence. We have found a way that you can stand out from the crowd by using your desktop and providing real value to your clients.

Kelly-Marie our social media and systems expert has provided us with a step by step video to go through too.

Check out the video below and take action today and dominate Facebook.

If you cannot watch the video for whatever reason we have the written the basic instructions for you.

You need to go to to download the software and follow the instructions according to the platform you are using.

In order to understand OBS, there are two main things you just have to understand: scenes and sources. A scene is specific layouts for how you want your sources to be displayed.

Then your sources are the things or the elements that are shown on your screen, whether that's your webcam, a screen that you're showing, an image, or a video. Those are the sources. The scenes are layouts of those sources.

On the left hand side you can name the scene as you wish – so if you call it ‘web cam only’ on the right hand side you would only select the source for just the web cam.

You can have a web cam and screen share scene so you would add both the webcam and the screen share in the sources section. This allows you to flip between both; it works well with presentations and Q and A sessions.

Once you've chosen the scene you would like to create and selected the relevant sources you can move on.

You need to set up the ‘back end’ for where you are going to be broadcasting. To do this you go to the bottom right and select ‘Settings’, then you go to ‘Stream’ and select the service you want to use. It would be Facebook in this case and as you can see that it requires a stream key.

This stream key is only valid for 24 hours and you need to be obtained from your Facebook page. You should not share this with anyone, otherwise they can live stream on your page!

To get the steam key you go to your Facebook business page and then you go to my publishing tools. Then you go the video library over to the left. When you are there, it's going to show you all of the videos that you’ve done recently. Then you will see that there's a ‘live’ button. There's a plus, hit that and it will give you your steam key.

You then can enter than in your OBS settings and you are then ready to live stream! You do this by selected the ‘Start Streaming’ button on the bottom right of the screen.

Add a title as you would an ordinary Live broadcast, the description is the Facebook post which will go alongside it and finally add relevant tags and you hit ‘ Go Live’.

Here are some ideas for Facebook Live events;

- Q and A Sessions

- Workout

- Exercise Demo

- Cooking Demo

- Testimonial

- Behind the Scenes

- Preview of product

- Sneak peak at a class

- Advice

- Opinion on trending topic

You can find more in-depth advice on our blog ‘How you can use Facebook Live to Attract Online Clients’