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How to Record the Results of Anything!

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January 1, 2019
tim saye

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The results tracking sheet is there so you can record any extra items that don't fit neatly inside assessments, training programs, or habits. Therefore it has the flexibility to track and record anything you want your clients to record.

Here's how you set up extra results tracking for your clients:

If you're not able to watch the video right now here is a written description to guide you:

 I would initially set up any extra results tracking items up inside templates. By setting it up inside templates, you only have to set it up once; then you can copy it over to any of your clients or groups with just a click of a button. So, come up to templates and go down to results tracking.

To set up a new tracking item click on Add tracking, and name the item you want to track. For example in the video I labelled it, "How many hours did you sleep last night?", then click on “Add”.

The software then asks if you want to set up any record sets, which is basically what you want to record and the units it should be recorded in. So for this one, I'll call it "Sleep", and the units are “Hours”. If it hasn't got the unit that you're looking for,  come up to add units and add it.

Now your tracking is completely set up in templates so you can give it to a client or a group of clients in just a couple of seconds. You can do this inside the templates area by using the action drop-down menu and selecting “Copy it to a client or group”.

You can also add these to your clients or groups, accounts from inside the client or group dashboards. To do this select your client or group and click on Add > Tracking > Results tracking sheet, then edit the results tracking.

From inside the results tracking sheet click on “Add tracking”, select templates and chose the template you want to use. You can now further edit specifically for that client if you wish to.

You can add other items from your results tracking templates in exactly the same way.

With the results tracking sheet your clients will be able to track absolutely anything that you want them to keep records of. Any results they record go into a nice table and it will show progress charts when you click on view results.

To track any of your clients, fitness, nutrition, or lifestyle results you can enjoy 30 days of PT Distinction membership for free here.

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