How to Find any Exercise Quickly on PT Distinction

Sep 8, 2017

By Tim Saye

Recently we offered the opportunity to the trainers inside our Facebook group to send us lists of any exercises you want to see added to PT Distinction. We then make them up and add them to the software as a part of the service we offer to all of our members.

During this process it quickly became apparent that many trainers have a hard time finding a number of exercises that are already in the software.

Given the differentials in exercise naming from course to course and country to country this makes sense. However, we have an incredibly smooth system for finding any exercise you like very easily when building a training program.

This video shows you that system and exactly how you can find any exercise to add to your online personal training programs, complete with video, description and images in just a few seconds.

We plan to continue offering this on demand exercise service and will be adding new exercises complete with videos, images and written coaching points every month.

What other personal training software would offer you that?!