How to Create Unlimited Content - Big Key to Your Success

Dec 28, 2016

By Tim Saye

These days content really is king, consistently creating great content and getting it seen by large numbers of targeted people is the single best way to grow an online business.

The hardest part for most is being able to consistently come up with great ideas to write about, talk about and share with the world.

I think we have all been there, you know you should be writing a blog, sending an email or making a content video so you sit blankly in front of your computer screen thinking about what to talk about, an hour goes past and you're no closer to coming up with a good idea, your mind has seemingly frozen and simply stopped working!

I used to find myself in that situation all the time, usually it led me to give up and set off to do something different. I'd convince myself this other task is more important for moving the business forward, helping my members succeed and getting new members but in the back of my mind I know I'm telling lies to make myself feel better.

Here's how you get over those problems and create unlimited content ideas to help your audience gain massive success, and with it create massive success for yourself. The second method is my favourite by miles but the first is worth a mention as it will work for some:

Method 1

Some people like to sit down and plan a month, quarter or years worth of content upfront and put it in to a nice little chart. There are strong merits to this method, kind of like bulk cooking.... Doing something in bulk while your mind is focused on that task and then having everything planned and prepared up front.

If this suits you it can be a great method. For me, it just meant sitting in front of the computer coming up with pretty crappy and uninspiring content ideas that felt forced and probably wouldn't create the massive impact and success for you guys that it should.

Content should be great, it should be inspiring and it should fire up your readers/ viewers to take their own massive action steps to create their own success. The ideas I was having with this method were never going to do this for the online trainers around the world.

Method 2

The best solution is usually the most obvious.

We get inspired at different times and in different places, in most of us there is no predicting when our best ideas will come. However, when they do come you want to be able to write them down and save them for later.

If like most people you carry a phone around with you everywhere you go, download an app like Jotter Pad and simply write down your inspired ideas as you have them, then as they evolve in your mind new ideas come up and new chains of thought appear..... Write it all down, bullet points generally work well.

If you don't like carrying a phone then carry a pocket sized notepad and pen with you everywhere, you could even have some paper and a tiny pen in your wallet or purse. Just have something to write with!

You will soon find that this list of ideas grows by a rate far faster than you produce content, this makes it an ever expanding list of great ideas.

Each day (yes, you should be putting out content every day!) as you sit down to write, or set up to record a video you can just open up your list and chose the idea that feels right to you in that exact moment, the idea that inspires you right now. Then just roll with it, sit down and write or hit record and talk. The passion will flow, your thoughts will keep moving and expanding and you're content will be great.

Your audience will feel your words and resonate with your message because right there and then you mean every word you are saying, nothing is forced, nothing is done out of a responsibility to do it but by an inspired thought you had that is resonating with you at the exact moment of writing or talking.

Once your flow has finished and your piece is done you can then go back and edit it to take out silly mistakes and make it all a little smoother, don't stop mid flow to edit and correct spellings, let your brain do what it wants to do in the moment of creativity.

Try it for a week and see the magic that happens.

As a big bonus, you will be creating great content in less time than it used to take you to sit and look blankly at a computer screen.

Another bonus, you will never forget one of your great ideas!