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How to Coach Nutrition on PT Distinction

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January 27, 2022
Tim Saye

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In this feature spotlight we go through nutrition coaching and how easy it is to deliver using PT Distinction.

The flexibility PTD offers for nutrition coaching allows you to coach your clients in the exact way you want to, check out the video to see why we're the only software choice for trainers that know how to consistently get results.

Transcript of Video

Welcome to the third in our feature spotlight series. In this one, I'm going to quickly show you how you add nutrition coaching for a single client. First of all, go into the client's dashboard. Once inside the dashboard, just click the big green, add an item button, and come down to coaching.

You can choose any of these items, PDFs, text, video, or spreadsheets, to add your coaching. In this case, what I'm going to do is I'm going to take a text document from the pre-done, high-quality nutritionist-made documents that we've given you in the templates library.

Click on text load from the library and then choose the one that you want. In this case, I'm going to go with a basic one.

Eat at least five portions of fruits and vegetables in your diet daily. You can see the document here, so you can check it and edit anything that you would like to, or you can keep it exactly as it is and save it.

You can then schedule this document if you wish to. So, for this client, I will schedule it for today and add it to the schedule. So that'll go straight into my client schedule today. That is a coaching document.

If I want to add anything else to go with that, maybe I want to put in a little video. Then, once again, just click the green, add an item coaching, and then a video to go with my coaching document. The documents are very, very complete though. Or you could add your own PDF documents from your device by going through the same method here.

So if I select PDF, don't copy from the templates. If you don't want to use a template, browse your files and take it from your device. If you want your clients to track what they eat, then make sure the food diary is active. So once again, click the green, add an item button, go to tracking food diary active, and save that.

It'll let you add it to the schedule if you wish to. Let's say you don't want your client to track for too long, maybe just the next week, and click yes and schedule it for when you want your client to track their meals. So you could do that from today and then repeat it every day for a week and save it so that it will be in your client's schedule every day for the week.

And they can click that from their app and go straight to the food diary to track their meals. Tracking options give you anything from a photo that they can take very, very simple. Or they can track full meals like you would in something like MyFitnessPal with all the macros and the calories. Or they can just write down what they eat up to you to give guidance really to your clients on what you want them to track.

And then when they track it, it comes straight into the activity. So you'll see exactly what your clients have eaten and what they've done. Now, let's say you just wanted to set it up as a daily habit that your clients can easily track with a yes or no answer based on whether they've eaten five portions of fruit or vegetables a day.

Once again, go to add an item and tracking and you can track it as a habit. Type in what you want your habit to be. So I've got have you eaten five portions of fruit and veg?

You can add a note into that for your clients if you wish to give them any further detail, then save, then go to schedule the habit. Let's say I wanted to do this every day for three weeks. I would make sure that it's in the evening so they can track what they've done that day.

So PM repeats every day for the three weeks and adds to the schedule. So now your client every evening will have a yes no tracking to say they've completed that habit or not. Again, the results will come straight to you in their activity and you'll get all of the stats and how well they've done and their overall percentage of how well they've done. If there's any other coaching that you want to add, then do it exactly the same way. Just go onto the add an item if you wish to.

You can also send your clients a message or a quick video message by clicking on the messenger here, finding their name, and then sending them a message. Either write it or add a video or an image if you wish to. There's also the option to pre-schedule messages.

If you want certain messages to go out at certain times to reinforce what your clients are doing with their nutrition, you can do that very simply. Come away from the messenger. Come up to the message center in their dashboard. You can choose from email, text message, or an app message.

For this, I'll do an app message. You can schedule it weekly or just schedule it normally. Choose when you want it to go. You can repeat it anytime you like and then write your message in here.

You could also do an image or a video and you can send that to your clients by clicking on complete. So you can schedule that for any date and repeat at any time. Obviously it's totally up to you how you coach your clients. Nutrition and PT distinction is the only software that gives you the power and flexibility to do it in the way you want to allow your clients to really dial in their nutrition and get amazing results online.

In next week's video, we're going to go through how you would do this for a large number of clients so that you don't have to repeat the process over and over again for each one of your clients. Keep an eye out for that video, which will go live next week.

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