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How Clients View and Use Workouts in the PT Distinction App

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March 17, 2022
Tim Saye

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In this weeks feature spotlight we look at workouts in your online personal training app.

The video shows how clients view their workouts, record results, video their exercise technique, and view previous results.

We look at both the list and card views of your clients workouts in PT Distinction.

Transcript of Video

When you select your workout, the first thing you see is the summary screen. The top shows you the sections, the exercises, and any circuits. Then you have the notes on that particular workout, and after that, there's a summary of the exercises in the workout.

When you're happy, press on start and that takes you into the first view of your workout. You can see notes on any section of your workouts up at the top, next to the section names. So I press on that and it will show you.

Here are the section notes. To see any video or information, choose the exercise and press either the name, the video tab, or the eye for information. You then get coaching points and a video showing you the exercise.

Every exercise has the relevant tracking to record your results. So for example, on things like foam rolling and stretching, you just have an area to add notes. As we go further into the program. Other exercises, where relevant, will have things like reps, weight, and also a notes section.

To record any of your results, just press on the pen icon, put the numbers in, add a note if you wish to, and press save. So that would be your first set saved. You'll see that down the bottom, it says sets saved one, and it shows your most recent result on that exercise.

To see that result and any previous results, click on the chart icon. From here, you can see your results, and you can also edit them or delete them if you wish to.

Next to the chart icon, you'll see a video camera icon. This allows you to record your exercise technique. So press that and you can record your own technique so that you get feedback from your trainer on your exercise technique.

You'll see on each exercise that the acute variables are laid out for you. So things like sets and reps and rest are all there for you to see and make it easy for you to follow your program down. At the bottom, there is a stopwatch, which you can press and make a timer or set intervals.

Once you set that, press start and it will go and follow the intervals. All the timer stopwatches that you set. There is a second view of the workouts. Just quickly click into that.

This is the card view. So this is very much a follow-along but it has all of the same information. If you wish to see the exercise video, you can just press it straight there in the card and it will show you to go to the next exercise.

You just swipe and it will follow along in exactly the way your program has been set out. So you don't need to think about anything. Recording results is exactly the same. So press on the pen icon and you can record your results.

When you save a result in the card view, it goes automatically onto the next exercise or set, so you can follow along and just do your workout as you go through your workout. When you come to the end, it'll give you a well done and let you know that you finished the workout.

So that's how you look at and use the workouts in your app.

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