Fundamentals to Online Transformations

Jun 2, 2017

By Tim Saye

PT Distinction member Adam White gets incredible results with his online personal training clients.

While many personal trainers know exactly how to get great results face to face some are not sure how to do it when working online. Adam offered 50 free copies of his book to the members of the PT Distinction and the Online Personal Trainer Success Map Facebook Group, his offer got over 160 great trainers asking for his book.

As a result Adam made a video especially for PT Distinction members and friends. This video will show you exactly How to;

* Ensure your clients are compliant to their nutrition goals and food diary
* Empower your clients to do more than you ask of them off their own back.
* Commit to your program for 12 weeks - 52 weeks.
* Coach your clients through their 'excuses' and finally make breakthroughs to achieve the results they signed up for.

If you wish to chat to Adam or find out more about how he helps great online personal trainers get results Click here.