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Forms and Questionnaires on PT Distinction

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May 27, 2022
Tim Saye

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PT Distinction includes everything you need to coach your personal training clients online. This includes forms and questionnaires that can be filled out inside your app.

This 3 minute video shows:

  • The inbuilt forms in PT Distinction
  • How to make your own forms
  • How to assign them to your clients
  • How clients see and fill out their forms in your app

Transcript of Video

In this week's Feature Spotlight, we're going to take a quick look at forms and questionnaires.

Due to the standardized nature of forms and questionnaires, the best place to find them and set them up is inside your library.

Come up to the library and then click on forms and questionnaires. You'll see that we've already set you up with all of the main ones that personal trainers will use with your clients.

You've got an informed consent form, lifestyle questionnaire, medical analysis form PAR-Q, and a simple consultation, usually for when you're on the phone or face to face with a client.

You can click on any of these to take a look and see how it looks for your clients. Your clients can fill these in and sign them from inside your app or your web portal.

So very, very useful to use with your face to face and your online clients. Click the x, and you can close that down. If there are any extra forms or questionnaires that you would like to make, then you can just come up to add, and you can build your own custom forms and custom questionnaires.

Custom questionnaires are just a very simple ask a question, and then there's a space for your clients to answer under each question. So a simple question and answer which will cover most things that you want to do as far as personal training.

If you want to have all the bells and whistles of something like Google Forms, so you've got headings and paragraphs, checkbox groups, radio groups and anything like that, then set up a custom form and you can put all of that into your custom form. To create either of these, just click on it and create from the library.

If you want to use any of your forms for your clients or your groups, all you have to do is come down to the three dots next to the form and select copy to clients or group. You then type in the name of your client and group and it will copy to their account.

You can then schedule it straight away for that client or, or that group. The other way you can assign forms in questionnaires is while you're inside your clients or your group's dashboard. So I'll give you a quick example and go into your client dashboard, and from inside the client dashboard, once again, come up to the big green add button. Select forms and questionnaires.

You can choose from any of the pre-made forms or questionnaires or select from any of your custom forms and questionnaires. You can then add that for your client and schedule it.

If you wish to add any form, simply click on it and save it, and then it gives you the option to schedule here. And that PAR-Q is now added and scheduled for your client. Now you've seen the forms and how to use them for your clients, let's take a quick jump into the app and see how it works for your clients when they get the form.

When clients are inside the app, if you've scheduled the form, it'll be right there on their main dashboard under today's schedule, or it will be inside their schedule for the day. If you haven't scheduled the form, clients can click on their logbook, go into forms, and then select it from there. When clients select the form, it takes them inside the form.

They can see it and they can fill it out inside your app. They can go through, go down to the bottom, they can sign it, and then save.

Once that's filled out and signed by your client, it will go straight into your dashboard so you'll be able to see exactly what they've done, and it will also be saved and sealed for your records.

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