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Feature Upgrade: Easier and Faster to Schedule Programs with Multiple Workouts

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February 13, 2024

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We've added a new upgrade to make it easier and faster to schedule all of your client's items using the number 1 personal trainer software.

This upgrade has a massive effect on how quickly you can schedule programs with multiple workouts.

Here's a short demo of the new scheduling upgrade..... We're sure you'll love it!

Transcript of Video

In this video I'm going to show you the new update we've done to make scheduling even faster and even easier.

Inside PT Distinction. For this example, I'm going to use a program with an upper lower split and I'm going to schedule it out over four days of the week for six repeats.

The same models are available in the add items to flow when you schedule items, or you can do it from inside the items area by clicking on schedule and progressions.

This is available in groups and in client dashboards. So what you see is the modal now has a little toggle and you've got add to schedule and view scheduled events.

You can switch between these without losing anything at all. So it makes things very, very easy when scheduling multiple workouts inside a program.

So I'll select my workout and I'll select the repeating for this. I'll do weekly Monday and Thursday for this one, and I'll do six entries and hit save. You see at the top that it tells you it's been added.

To the schedule, you'll see that it tells you the new Save and your total in the scheduled events here now for scheduling the next workout inside this program, I can just select the other workouts, everything else remains the same, and I can just change the days to Tuesday and Friday.

I've still got my six entries down there. And then click on Save. You see, that is really, really quick to save multiple workouts inside the program.And again, it tells you it's saved at the top. When you're happy, you can either close it down or you can go and look at the scheduled events and add in any progressions.

By clicking on scheduled events, you'll see that it's currently set to the workout you've just scheduled for. You can either do that workout, the other one, or all workouts.

From here if you wish to add in any progressions, you can click on the three dots, add in progressions or edit the scheduling or remove the item.

There is also the other view of the schedule so you can see it in a sort of calendar styled view where each one is scheduled. So that is the update. It makes things even fun.

Faster and even easier to schedule for your clients when using PT Distinction.

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