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Does SMS marketing work for personal trainers?

February 2, 2024
John Robertson

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You probably already use text messaging to some extent, for example, to remind clients about classes. Or you may use the communication features within PT Distinction. But have you really thought about the potential for SMS marketing to promote your personal training business?In this article, we will explore the benefits of SMS marketing, suggest a range of messages to send, and offer some tips on how to do it most effectively.What is SMS marketing?SMS marketing refers to the use of text messaging for promotional purposes. As a personal trainer, you have the opportunity to leverage this powerful tool to enhance your client communication and marketing efforts.Text messaging is a widely supported feature on all mobile phone networks, making it an accessible and effective way to connect with your clients. While basic text messaging is commonly used, specialized tools can also help you run more sophisticated SMS marketing campaigns.There are two types of marketing texts; transactional (helping clients along their journey) and campaigning (promoting services). This applies to both group and one-to-one messages.

What are the benefits of SMS marketing?

The biggest reason to add SMS to your marketing strategy is that just about everyone has a phone, and texting is universal. There are many statistics to back this up; Sender’s 24 SMS marketing statistics you must know sets them out in comprehensive detail. Here are a few headlines from that article:

  • 78% of consumers prioritize text messaging over other phone activities (including social media)
  • 71% of consumers opted in to receive texts from businesses in the past year
  • SMS campaigns have a 98% open rate
  • 90% of recipients open SMS marketing messages within three minutes

It’s clear that text messaging is an effective way of reaching people; here are some other benefits of SMS marketing:

  • It’s cost-effective, quick, and easy to use
  • Text messages are short, so likely to be seen and read in their entirety
  • It can help drive traffic to your website and social media channels
  • Having a clear opt-in/out means that you know people want to hear from you
  • It helps build relationships and strengthen loyalty
  • It’s easy to track success

What kind of text messages should you send?

As a personal trainer, you can send numerous types of text messages to your clients, falling under the transactional (helpful) and campaigning (promotional) categories. In fact, some messages can even overlap and serve both purposes. Here are some ideas to inspire and guide you:

  • Welcoming new clients (note this must also provide a clear opportunity to opt out of further communication by text; see tips section below for more)
  • Booking confirmations
  • Booking reminders
  • Last-minute places available
  • Promotions and offers
  • Links to polls and surveys
  • Request for feedback and reviews
  • Encouragement partway through a challenge

Of course, you’re unlikely to do all of the above; it’s important not to overload clients with texts, so weigh up which messages will be most helpful to them and your business.

Some tips on how to approach SMS marketing

Text messaging can be a really effective addition to your marketing strategy, but there are certain rules to follow and etiquette and technique tips to be aware of.

  1. Check and follow legislation on texting:
    Countries have different commercial text messaging laws, so do read up on and comply with the relevant rules. Only send texts to people who have actively opted into receiving them, and always give an opportunity to opt-out.

    If you are planning to send a lot of messages, consider offering a range of options when seeking agreement to text communication (i.e., frequency and type of message). Ideally, clients should know what to expect when they opt-in, so let them know.
  2. Don’t send texts too often or at weird times:
    Following on from this, don’t stray too far from the expectations that you have set about how often you’ll be sending text messages. A sudden, sustained flurry of texts from you will probably result in a whole bunch of opt-outs.

    As many people keep their phones on all the time, it’s also a good idea to avoid sending texts either late at night or early in the morning to avoid disturbing them.
  3. Keep texts short, clear, relevant, and engaging:
    Get your point across effectively and efficiently by keeping messages short and to the point, and sticking to relevant matters. Even though texts are short and practical, they still need to be animated and engaging, so be careful with your tone and language.

    Make sure it’s clear who the message is from, and always include a call to action as well as an opt-out. This Business News Daily article has some good tips on writing effective text messages.

Ready to GIve SMS a Try?

SMS marketing is a highly effective and accessible tool for personal trainers to enhance client communication and promote their services.. The benefits of incorporating SMS marketing into your strategy include its cost-effectiveness, quick and easy usability, high open rates, and the ability to drive traffic to your website and social media channels.Incorporating SMS marketing as part of your overall marketing strategy can help you build stronger relationships, reinforce client loyalty, and track the success of your campaigns. Saying this, when using the PT Distinction personal trainer software we would recommend starting with the communication features within the software.

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