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Best 20 Accounting Companies for Personal Trainers

December 12, 2022
tim saye

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For any business owner, keeping your books in order is of extreme importance. Your business won't last very long if you don't manage your finances and pay your taxes.

However, with everything from taxes to yearly projections to consider, the money game is not for everyone! While you can use accounting software to keep track of your cash flow, hiring someone with the expertise required to handle your books and deal with the tax authority makes sense.

The good news is that there are a lot of excellent accountants for personal trainers around the world. Below, we will look at 20 of the best to help you get started.

#1. The Financial Fitness Group - UK

The Financial Fitness Group offers three packages for personal trainers; start-up, lightweight, and middleweight. The start-up package is a one-off service to get you up and running. The lightweight and middleweight packages are ongoing. The difference between the two is that the middleweight package also includes record-keeping for your invoices and receipts.

#2. The Orenda Collective - UK

The Orenda Collective supports personal trainers with all of their financial obligations. Not only will they assist you in budgeting for your tax bill, but they will help with pricing strategy and improving business strategy by understanding barriers to growth. Based in Hampshire, the company helps sole traders and self-employed personal trainers to take their businesses to the next level so that they can truly thrive.

#3. AccoTax - UK

If you still haven't found a UK-based accountant, AccoTax may fit the bill. One of the good things about working with AccoTax is that they offer several different packages to suit their customer's needs. You choose your type of business, your turnover and expenses, and the level of support you need, and then their team of accountants will deliver it. This is a good option for those who are looking for a highly personalized service when it comes to their accounting needs.

#4. Dead Simple Accounting - UK

Dead Simple Accountants are experts in providing accounting services for the wellness and fitness industries. Whether you're just getting started or have been managing your books for some time now, Dead Simple Accounting can help you get everything in order. They will take the stress out of self-assessments while helping you find ways to reduce your tax liability and maximize your profits. If you read the reviews, Dead Simple Accounting has received online, you'll see that they are known for their outstanding service.

#5. KG Accountants - UK

If a fixed-fee service matters to you, KG Accountants make much sense. They have been working with health and fitness professionals for quite some time now, and they assist with end-of-year accounts and self-assessments so that all of your taxes are in order. In addition, you will have a dedicated, proactive advisor who will help you every step of the way. They also have a free financial system that you can use. Plus, you can know you will have a fixed monthly rate to pay.

#6. The Fitness CPA - USA

Many different personal trainers have attested to the excellent accounting service provided by The Fitness CPA. This includes Tom Brimeyer of Forefront Health in Boulder, CO, Evan Myers of Anytime Fitness in San Diego, California, and Janice Tower of Tower Coaching in Anchorage, AK. So whether you have a multi-location fitness business or have yet to open your doors, The Fitness CPA can provide financial services to suit your needs.

#7. Michels & Hanley CPAs - USA

Michels & Handley CPAs are based in Northport, NY, offering an outstanding balance between expertise and personal service. If you're looking for a friendly team who will hold your hand every step of the way, this is an excellent team to choose. They provide business and tax services, taking care of everything so you can concentrate on running your business.

#8. Fitness Taxes - USA

Many personal trainers are spending way more on taxes than they need to. Could you be doing this? If so, Fitness Taxes could help to save you a lot of money. They have been saving customers between $4,000 and $15,000 on average. This means you've more money available to grow your personal training business.

#9. Jeffrey Altman & Company - USA

Jeffery Altman & Company is a team of chartered accountants who help a wide range of health and fitness professionals. This includes personal trainers, sports coaches, fitness instructors, Yoga teachers, and more. With over four decades of experience, you know that this is a trustworthy accountancy firm that you can depend on.

#10. Fisher Accountants - USA

What makes Fisher Accountants so interesting is that they are happy to work with your existing accountant if you already have one. If you have a bookkeeper or someone who files records and taxes for you, they will be able to align with them to enhance the overall service you receive. Ultimately, it's all about driving your business forward. From reviewing contracts to implementing new cash management systems, they can help you with many different financial elements relating to your business.

#11. Global FPO - US and Global

Global FPO has spent many years helping businesses to get financially fit. Many personal trainers know how to get people fit, but when it comes to their books, it is a different matter. However, Global FPO will support you with a team of talented and experienced accountants who will ensure your books are as smooth as possible. They make an effort to understand your business, your needs, and where you want to be, and they help you get there.

#12. GTA Professional Accounting - Canada

Many personal trainers are self-employed, so looking for a team of accountants specializing in working with self-employed entrepreneurs makes sense. If you're a personal trainer in Toronto, Canada, GTA has a fantastic reputation in the industry, boasting a rating of 4.9 on average based on over 200 reviews. Their efficiency and professional service are common themes throughout all of the reviews.

#13. Filing Taxes - Canada

If you're a self-employed personal trainer, you're in charge of everything, and this can be a lot to handle. You have to wear many hats and carry out many tasks. However, teaming up with Filing Taxes takes some weight off your shoulders. The experts here can help you develop innovative strategies and accurate business accounts and provide business consulting. They also offer payroll services, preparing tax returns, financing, bank loans, financial statements, and bookkeeping. The company covers Toronto, Mississauga, Oakville, and Hamilton and also provides services regarding international taxes.

#14. PetersonSims - UK and Global

PetersonSims is a team of international associates who can provide tailored accounting advice for UK-based businesses as well as expatriates living or retiring overseas and non-resident directors of UK-based companies. They work with Global partners worldwide, including the USA, Australia, Canada, Cyprus, Hong Kong, multiple EU countries, Japan, Singapore, and the UAE. From payroll to filing tax expenses, the PetersonSims team will ensure that you follow the law and run your personal training business efficiently.

#15. GRAM Tax & Accounting - Canada

GRAM Tax & Accounting does not specifically specialize in financial services for the fitness industry, but they have an impressive reputation amongst contractors and sole proprietors. As a consequence, many personal trainers do use their services. The services they provide include payroll setup and support, setting up accounting systems, corporate accounting and tax returns, and bookkeeping. They serve Burlington, Oakville, Markham, Mississauga, and Toronto.

#16. Linda McGowan Pty Ltd - Australia

Linda McGowan Pty Ltd works with a wide range of personal training businesses in Australia, providing business coaching, marketing services, taxation, and accounting services, so they certainly go beyond your essential bookkeeping services. So whether you need a vehicle for your business or want to put together a cash flow budget, there's an experienced team on-hand that you can rely on.

#17. Platinum Accounting & Taxation - Australia

Running a health club or gym is a round-the-clock business, and PAT is here to help. They provide affordable, reliable, and award-winning accounting services for companies of all sizes and shapes in Australia. You can expect the following services: business coaching, payroll and superannuation, tax compliance, business start-up advice, business structure and setup, cash flow forecasting, and BAS preparation. They also offer bookkeeping, tax return preparation, taxation advice, business accounting, and GST advice and lodgement. They also run a constructive business health check, which helps you to get a good understanding of where your business is right now and what improvements need to be made.

#18. Accounting For Fitness - Australia

Accounting For Fitness specializes in offering tax advice and tailored business advice to gym owners and personal trainers in Australia to help them grow their businesses. The company is run by Michelle, who is not only a chartered accountant but a qualified personal trainer as well. She has run her training studio for the past five years. This is ideal because it means she thoroughly understands what it is like to run a personal training business and what you genuinely need to grow. In addition, her accountancy experience spans 15 years, so you know that you can rely on her and her team to take your personal training company to new heights.

#19. Kelly+Partners

Kelly + Partners have spent more than a decade helping Australia-based personal trainers with their taxes and business. Many personal trainers need to understand Australia's taxation and regulatory framework, so Kelly + Partners pride itself on helping business owners unlock Fringe Benefits Tax in Australia. Kelly + Partners understand that small fitness businesses do not have the same resources as more prominent companies, yet they have the same compliance obligations and regulations to adhere to. Kelly + Partners help you to navigate these challenging waters.

#20. Tax Accounting Adelaide - Australia

Last but not least, Tax Accounting Adelaide is another company worth considering in Australia. You will work with an accountant, Romeo Caporaso, who was previously a personal trainer. Again, this is an excellent way of working with someone who truly understands the nature of your business and the barriers you face.

When someone understands your company, they know exactly what you need to improve. So whether you always need more time for taxes or you are struggling to manage your business funds effectively, Romeo can help. He has an excellent track record of helping fitness professionals unlock their true potential and fulfill their tax commitments.

Don't let your finances spiral out of control:

Use a fitness industry accountant.As you can see, there are some fantastic accountants worldwide for personal trainers. These professionals will help you keep your books in order to run a financially viable business with a healthy cash flow. They will also ensure you meet important filing deadlines, which could result in fines and penalties for your business.

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