Advertising Checklist for Online Personal Trainers

Sep 6, 2017

By Tim Saye

There are many great ways to quickly bring in clients in the early days of your online personal training business.

I have linked to blueprints for some of these at the bottom of the article, so if you need to get a few clients for free right now then scroll down and click a link.

However, if your aim is to grow a substantial online personal training business you will, at some stage, benefit from diving in to the world of paid advertising and promotion.

Here is a really quick checklist of things to answer before setting up your first adverts. Going through this will help make your targeting very easy and allow you to create adverts that give a really good return on your investment.

Before you begin it is important to know exactly who your target client is. This article will help you if you don't already have a great niche.

After you have a clearly defined target client you should chose an advertising goal for each campaign you run. Example goals can include:

- Sending people to your website or to a specific website page.

- Increase the number of people on your email list.

- Increase the numbers of members in to your trials or challenges.

- Increasing awareness of your brand and who you are.

- Get video views.

Then you need to work out how you can put your promotions in front of your ideal niche client. Answering these seven questions will help you do that:

- Who are the thought leaders or big brands in your niche?

- What books, magazines and newspapers does your deal client read?

- What events do your ideal clients attend?

- What websites do they visit?

- Where do they live?

- What is specifically unique about this group of people?

- What platforms do your target market hang out on?

If you enter the url of various advertising platforms such as Facebook, YouTube Pinterest, Twitter etc.. in to Alexa it gives some great insights in to each platforms demographics

The final step is creating a great offer and advert that will grab your ideal clients attention, to do this consider these three things:

- What big problems do your potential clients have?

- What content have you made or can you make to instantly solve a big problem for them?

- What type of image illustrates your solution, appeals to your audience and stands out on your chosen platforms? (tip, you can easily create images on Canva).

As promised at the top of the article, if you're not quite at this stage yet and are just looking to bring in clients for using free methods, here are some that have brought in thousands of online clients for PT Distinction trainers.

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