Add Coaching Videos from YouTube and Vimeo

Software Demos

Oct 22, 2019

By Tim Saye

Last week set up an integration to use YouTube or Vimeo for your exercise videos, now we've taken it a step further.

You can use YouTube and Vimeo videos for your clients nutrition, habit, and lifestyle coaching.

If you have your coaching videos already hosted on these platforms now you have a shortcut to simply add the URL and show your videos directly inside your apps and web portal as a part of your clients coaching. You can schedule these coaching videos in exactly the same way you can with anything else.

Even if you don't have videos on YouTube or Vimeo you can use this integration to share other great videos you feel will help your clients. For example, in the video below I add a healthy chicken curry cooking demo for a client in a few seconds.

Here's how to use YouTube or Vimeo videos as a part on your quality online coaching.