A Look Inside Our New Program Builder

Jan 25, 2017

By Tim Saye

As you may well know, we are building a massively upgraded program builder on PT Distinction. This video shows you exactly what we're doing and how awesome it is going to be;

Here's a summary of the improvements we're making:

- You will be able to add workouts with ease at at time to any program phase.

- No more drag and drop system, meaning the process will be faster and smoother.

- You will be able to build complete program phases on your mobile phone and on any touchscreen device.

- There is a new column added specifically to enter time as an acute variable.

- You can add a description to any workout.

- You can add a description of any section of a workout, this means you could explain to your client how to perform a specific circuit, drop set, 6-12-25 etc...

- It is now much faster to build and edit programs.

- You get previews of every exercise making exercise selection much easier.

- You will be able to change the names of any individual workouts and of any sections in the workouts.

Of course you still get all of the amazing features that were in the previous program builder. However, this new update will make it so easy for you to create any type of training program, and even more importantly explain how your client performs every aspect of each program.

The reaction to this video in our Facebook group has been incredible so I hope you love it too. We will keep you updated with release dates as we move even closer to it...... It is not far away though!!