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8 Facebook Post Ideas For Personal Trainers

December 20, 2023
John Robertson

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Facebook remains one of the most popular social media platforms for both personal and business use, and it’s undoubtedly one of the most flexible. There are several different types of Facebook posts.In this guide, we’re going to explore how to optimize your Facebook presence using the eight most common ones.

  1. Text posts

    The original Facebook status updates, these posts consist purely of text, and while that’s not optimal for grabbing people’s attention, they do have their uses.

    Sometimes, you just need to get information out there quickly and don’t have time to craft a more visually appealing post; perhaps you have a last-minute reminder about an expiring offer or an exciting announcement to make briefly before following up with more details later.

    Text posts are also good for very straightforward communication, for example, if you want to ask your followers a question. They can be enhanced by adding a colorful background (click on the ‘Aa’ in the bottom left corner when creating a new post).
  2. Photo posts

    Images are more appealing than text and can convey more information more quickly. So, it’s unsurprising that image posts lead to more engagement on Facebook than text posts.

    Take care over the images you post for your personal trainer business; the more closely you can tie them to a consistent brand (e.g., through color), the better.

    Use a ‘cheat sheet’ (like this one from Postplanner) to find out what dimensions to use to get the best quality results, and always check permission (and give credit) when using other people’s photos.

    Check out our article on creating engaging fitness photos for some inspiration on what kind of images to use.
  3. Video posts

    Video performs better than any other type of content on Facebook, so if you’re not already posting videos, you should consider doing so.

    On Facebook, videos start playing automatically as soon as they appear in a feed, so take extra care over what appears in those vital first few seconds.

    Check Facebook’s requirements for video so that you understand the technical specifications, and experiment with different lengths to see what works best (typically between one and two minutes).

    It’s also worth optimizing videos to work well without sound, as many people use social media this way.
  4. Facebook Live

    Facebook Live posts are videos that are broadcast on your feed in real-time. This video form is great for connecting and engaging with followers and building community.

    Ideas for personal trainers that could work well on Facebook Live include product demos, interviews, and Q&A sessions.

    Read Hootsuite’s How to use Facebook Live video for detailed guidelines on how to get started, as well as some helpful tips for success.

    These include planning ahead, running test sessions, building anticipation, collaborating with others, and tapping into current trends.
  5. Facebook Stories

    These visual posts (photos, videos, animations) disappear from your feed after 24 hours, exploiting the popularity of transient content that started with Snapchat and continues on other platforms such as Instagram.

    It’s worth trying out Facebook Stories as this kind of content is favored by Facebook’s algorithms so that Stories appear at the top of news feeds. Read Buffer’s Complete guide to posting on Facebook Stories for more details.
  6. Link posts

    These posts are created when you share links to any external website or blog (including your own). Link posts are a handy addition to your ongoing Facebook content plan.

    They are very quick to do and require little effort other than finding relevant content to share and adding some brief text to give the link some context and personal endorsement.
  7. Event posts

    Use these posts to promote and invite followers to online and in-person events like fitness classes or challenges.

    Using Facebook is an easy way to get information out to your regular followers and reach a wider audience, and it’s great for strengthening your brand while attracting more participants.

    Always ensure all the relevant details are included, and be ready to respond to any queries.
  8. Pinned posts

    If there is a post that you want to appear right at the top of your Facebook page (for example, an ongoing promotion), you can ‘pin’ it to stay there. Simply click on the three dots in the top right corner of the relevant post, and select ‘pin post’ (it’s the same process to unpin it).

Start Posting Today

This guide inspires personal trainers to diversify their Facebook posts. Whether you're a seasoned user or just starting, exploring different post types can significantly enhance your engagement and impact on this platform. Feel free to share your experiences or ask questions as you incorporate these strategies into your fitness business.

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