5 Secrets to Getting Personal Training Clients via LinkedIn


Sep 29, 2021

By Tim Saye

Using social media has become a great way to help get new clients and reach out to people for personal trainers. Never before have we had the ability to connect with so many people who might be interested in our services. However, there has been considerable uptake in the number of people who have decided to pursue a career helping people reach their fitness goals. 

One of the secrets of acquiring new personal training clients via social media is understanding your ideal clients, where they like to hang out, how they prefer to communicate and consume information. 

79.9% of all 722 million LinkedIn members are above 25 years old, and 59.9% between 25 and 34. 

The platform's focus is heavily professional networking, so it's a great place for personal trainers who work with busy professionals who haven't got time for Facebook or Instagram and prefer hanging out on LinkedIn.

Now, suppose you'd like these professionals to notice you as a trusted personal trainer and authority figure. In that case, you'll need to find a way to communicate that will attract them to become a member of your audience. Let's delve into the 5 secrets of mastering LinkedIn marketing.

Secret #1. Always Be Professional

Unlike other social media platforms where you can get away with a cute profile picture and some memes, this is not the acceptable type of content here. LinkedIn is the place where you can put your professional foot forward. 

Whatever professional experience you have, your qualifications and anything you have achieved at a professional level can all go on your profile. Remember, this is the place to show that you are an expert in helping your clients achieve their specific fitness goals, not just in sharing a meme to talk about leg day. Always remember to double-check for spelling errors and remove any slang that might have crept in.

Secret #2. Use the Headline Section

When it comes to introducing yourself, this is the place that people check first. However, if you don't work this area to your advantage, you can get lost in the crowd. 

Many people have "personal trainer" in their headline section with no specifics, but what makes you unique? Be descriptive and tell people exactly what you can do in a snappy short headline. You might find it challenging to come up with your USP, but it pays to be creative to stand out from the crowd. An example could be "Expert in Helping Clients Reach Fitness Goals and Build Healthy Lifestyle Habits".

Secret #3. Endorsements and Recommendations

LinkedIn has this unique feature that you can use to your advantage to show that you are a professional that people can trust. This option is not available on other social media sites, and if they are, they are buried under a mountain of useless information. Being a professional is what is essential on LinkedIn. 

Using the endorsements section to your advantage is a great way to stand out from the crowd. People who get endorsements and recommendations on LinkedIn tend to be viewed as fitness professionals who can do what they promise in their content. If there are services you have used, make sure that you give them some recommendations and endorsements. 

Secret #4. Interact with Your Audience Regularly

LinkedIn is one of those places where people set up a profile and often forget to use it. Granted, you won't find such likes and clicks focused community that you get on other social media pages. You might feel like the platform is tedious at first, but people are not on LinkedIn to have fun. They are there to find jobs, make money, and make professional connections. 

So, keep engaging with others on LinkedIn, dedicate time regularly to have a conversation, share ideas and valuable content and even help out. But, always remember to keep it professional. Whatever your personal views are on the world, they need to stay on your other, more personal social media profiles, not your professional one on LinkedIn. 

You don't have to post content all the time, but it helps if you post regularly, comment on other peoples posts, and talk to people in the comments section. It might be a professional site, but people still like to chat and engage with each other.

Secret #5. LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is included in the Premium membership, and unless you've been eyeing to take up the free Premium trial, you probably wouldn't know it existed. So, for a set monthly fee, you will have access to a host of extra features that will help you find, target and track new leads.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is capable of connecting fitness professionals with potential clients and generating more sales. If used correctly, you can see a massive uptake in sales. The Premium membership offers the following features: LinkedIn Sales Navigator platform access, 20 inMails per month, see who viewed your profile in the past 90 days, an open profile, unlimited people browsing, custom lead and account lists, advanced lead and account search, lead recommendations and saved leads, real-time lead alerts and company insights.

Wrapping Up

LinkedIn is just like any other social media or marketing platform in as much that you won't be successful unless you keep providing valuable content, sharing helpful tips and engaging with your audience consistently. Inbound marketing might not bring you clients overnight, but if you stick to a regular schedule and spend some time to nurture and follow-up with your leads, you'll find it becomes like a well of continuous prospective clients.