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5 Common Facebook Questions From Online Personal Trainers

April 13, 2022
tim saye

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As an online personal trainer, just creating your social media profiles doesn't mean you'll see  new clients flowing into your services.... Yet! As with everything, you need to make sure you're utilizing all the available tools. Sometimes a marginal gain may seem small, but times that by 10 and you start to see serious growth.

In this post, we look at, and answer, 5 of the most common Facebook questions we hear from online personal trainers.

How to create your first post?

Page posts are the quickest way to communicate with your audience, reach potential customers and keep your current customers informed. The most common post types you can start with are:

Feeling, or activity posts

These are great for encouraging current, or potential customers to engage with your posts by telling them your current mood, feeling, or activity for the day

Message posts

Want to start a conversation? Maybe you want to react to the latest nutrition news, or you want some feedback on a training idea. Include a “Send Message” action button to ask your customers to provide feedback, and start a conversation.

Status posts

These are short and simple, text-only posts that allow you to share quick updates to your customers.

If you like a post and hate to see it get lost in the endless feed, you can pin any post at the top of your business page, this will ensure that all customers that visit your page will see the post.

How to create an engaging experience on Facebook?

The list is endless, but here are 3 you can get started with today:


Stories on Facebook enable your online fitness business to share content that will be visible for 24 hours. This tool works well in the health, nutrition, and fitness space, as you can use it to either share exciting news, update customers on your fitness products, or show off customer reviews. and to post inspirational messages.

Facebook Live

Facebook live allows you to broadcast in real-time to your customers. These are great if you want to encourage engagement and Facebook allows you to go live on your profile, page, group, or event. You could use a Facebook Live to showcase a new product or introduce a new fitness challenge. If you're not sure how to make a good video, check out our blog which shows you how to create your first workout video.


Create a private Facebook group for your current customers, which gives you a private space to share exclusive tips, answer any questions, and create your community away from the noise of social media. Need more persuading? Check out our blog post, where we give you 5 tips to run an engaging Facebook Group.

How to use Facebook to sell your fitness products?

Facebook also gives you the ability to add value to your customers while generating revenue.


Want to give potential customers an offer on one of your plans? Facebook allows you to post discounts & deals directly on your page to help engage, and attract potential customers. The best thing is that customers that save an offer will be sent a notification before it expires.


Exclusive to business page owners, you can tell potential customers about your fitness services, and also your availability. Including collecting and managing appointment requests through your business page. This is fantastic, as you can attract, engage and schedule an appointment with a potential client exclusively on Facebook.

How to measure your performance with Page Insights?

You can click on insights as soon as you create your first post, use it to learn about how your customers interact and engage with your posts for you to make more awesome content.

You can also get valuable data about your organic posts. Learn the performance of your posts (reach, likes, comments, shares), what posts are performing best, and also look at the top posts of the pages you watch. Additionally, you can connect your Instagram account with Facebook, so you can see the impact of your posts on both channels.

importance of your page insights to see which content resonatesWhat is Page Inbox, and how to use it?

Messenger is a great tool to help manage interactions with your customers, and followers. You can use messenger to read feedback and respond to potential customer questions about your fitness products.

To switch messenger on for your business page, go to page settings - general tab - messages. You will need to be an admin to switch this on.

In this post, we looked at ways to use Facebook tools to post content and create a community with your customers and followers. While also understanding the impotence of your page insights to see which content resonates, and will ultimately help you get more leads for your online personal trainer business.

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