4 Simple Steps to Coach 100+ Online Clients Without any Staff

Mar 30, 2017

By Tim Saye

For many great personal trainers going online represents an opportunity to increase your reach and help a lot more people. However, I believe inside every person who starts up online there is also a desire to increase the freedom in your life, to have the opportunity to spend more time with family and be able to work from any location.

The difficulty comes in combining the two, how do you handle a large number of clients, give them an incredible service, keep the element of personalisation for each client but still give yourself more freedom and more time with family and friends.

While many great personal trainers decide to go the niche specific automated route in order to help thousands of clients there are also a lot of great trainers that still want to personalise the experience and training to each individual client.

This short article goes through how I would run an online training business helping 100+ clients while still individualising it for each one using PT Distinction. I would do this with no staff and use 4 simple steps.

As a side note I would not even attempt this without PT Distinction, you would end up having no life, no free time, a lot of stress and limited opportunity to grow further.

Step 1)

Automate and schedule all of the things that are the same for everyone. These generally include, welcome packs, assessments, regular check-ins. It could also include things like nutrition coaching and habit tracking (If it works for Precision Nutrition then why not for every other coach!). To do this just use a PTD group and add your clients to it as they join.

Step 2)

Create programs based on your niche (a great way to do this is to build and schedule them for your first client inside the group you made) then simply adjust these programs for each individual client.
To adjust and individualise each clients programs you edit them from inside the clients dashboard, the programs will already be loaded up and scheduled from the moment you added that client to the group.

Step 3)

Send emails or texts regularly but start the conversation with all clients at the same time using your group to send the emails (clue as to another upcoming feature in there!). This saves a lot of time, still allows you to personalise each message with names and allows further follow up on an individual basis.

You could also create a group in Facebook or Slack to easily communicate with your clients. This keeps it very organised, is a brilliant way to build relationships and receive client feedback that can help you improve. Having a group forum also helps ensure you don't have to answer the same questions repeatedly.

Step 4)

Keep track of your clients by checking your alerts in PT Distinction.

Simple really............ When you use PT Distinction!