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30 vs 10 - Set Up a Zoom Meeting with all of your Clients in Under 30 Seconds

August 9, 2023
Tim Saye

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In this episode, we unveil the power of streamlined coaching—tasks that typically take 10 minutes or more using conventional personal trainer software are mastered in an astonishing 30 seconds with PT Distinction.

Episode 11 unveils the quick and easy method of setting up a Zoom meeting with all your clients. In under 30 seconds.

Transcript of video

Welcome to the 12th in our 30 versus Ten video series, where I show you something in PT Distinction that takes 30 seconds or less, that will take you ten minutes or more, if it's even possible, using other personal training software.

In this edition, I'm going to show you how to send out an individual message to each of your clients.

So every single client in under 30 seconds.

To get started, go to your all clients group or your all active clients group and go to the message center.

Inside the message center, choose the type of message you'd like to send. In this case,

I will do an app message, leave it for individual group members, regular, IM, and then write your message.

When you're done, hit the complete and it will send out that message to all of your clients.

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