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30 vs 10 - Send an Email to all of Your Former Clients in Under 30 Seconds

August 4, 2023
tim saye

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Welcome to our video series tailored exclusively for personal trainers like you.

In this episode, we unveil the power of streamlined coaching—tasks that typically take 10 minutes or more using conventional personal trainer software are mastered in an astonishing 30 seconds with PT Distinction.

Episode 10 shows how to send an email to all of your former clients. In Under 30 Seconds.

See below the step-by-step guide described in the video:

Welcome to the 10th edition of our 30 vs. 10 series, where we show you something in PT Distinction that takes 30 seconds or less, that would take you ten minutes or more, if it's even possible using other Personal Trainer Software.

In this week's edition, we are going to show you how to send an email to all of your former clients. This will help you to either keep in touch or promote a new service you're offering.

To get started, click the search bar, and search for your inactive clients. This brings up your "All Inactive Clients" group.

Now, head on to the message center icon. From inside the message center, click on "email".

Click "Regular Email" and then give it a title of your choice. Next, type out your message, or copy and paste from a template. Then select "complete."

Once you hit complete, your message will be sent, and you've sent out a communication to all your former clients.

This method is a potent avenue for connecting with your valued past clients or introducing them to exciting new services.

Empower your fitness business communication today with PT Distinction—a strategic choice that can save time and bolster engagement with your fitness community.

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