3 Posts That Will Turn Viewers Into Clients of Great Trainers

May 17, 2017

By Tim Saye

These days information alone is worth very little.

While consistently posting tips and content is a fantastic start, if all you give is information you may find it hard to get traction.

Have you ever felt frustrated that everyone tells you to put out content, content, content yet when you do there seems to be nobody even seeing it let along engaging with it?

The aim of a great post should be to make the reader feel something, to see proof your service works, or to take an action from your advice.

1) Making a reader feel something

will usually come from sharing personal stories, stories of your own struggles that may well be the same as those of your reader/ viewer. Sharing how you overcame these struggles can also inspire people. This type of post is definitely best in video.

This type of video should not be done too often but when you do it make sure everyone sees it!... Boosting it on Facebook and sending it out in email are great ways to do this.

2) Proof your service works

comes from showing proof of clients results. Examples of this are;
Showing screenshots of conversations where a clients says how much weight they lost or how great they feel etc..
- Screenshots or results recorded in your app.
- Before and after photos.
- Client success stories.

These show you get great results with people just like your future client. They also show you take pride in your clients results which is so much more valuable to a future client than taking pride in your own 6 pack.

This sort of post should be done as often as you possibly can, get clients to share results weekly and post them all everywhere. It can be good to cover clients names though to protect their privacy if they want that.

3) Getting a potential clients to take an action or to change a behaviour

can require a bit more skill.
The sooner and easier the action the better, your aim with this kind of post should be to have your viewer instantly take an action that makes them feel good about themselves or moves them one step towards their goals..... Essentially this post is information with a simple action step attached.

The moment someone takes one of your tips and puts it in to action is the moment they see you can inspire them to change, to move forward and to do a little more than they did before.

People place huge value on structure and implementation. If your tips make them move and take action you will stand out head and shoulders above those who post a quick motivational quote or a nice gym selfie.

So with this in mind here is a

7 step journey you can walk a follower through to take them from simply seeing your information to becoming a paying online personal training client who gets great result and stays with you long term:

Step 1 – View information – Value 1/10, seen it all before

Step 2 – Feeling that you understand them and can solve their personal struggles in life – Value 4/10

Step 3 – Seeing your packages get great results for people just like them – Value 6/10

Step 4 – Taking an action inspired by your information – Value 7/10

Step 5 – Getting a result that moves them towards their goals – Value 8/10

Step 6 – Follow up with a great offer that will get them all the way to their goals – Value 9/10

Step 7 – Helping them keep these results for life – Value 10/10

With online services having something to match each step is very possible;

Step 1 – Consistently putting out information where people will see it.

Step 2 – Sharing your story, struggles and all.

Step 3 – Sharing testimonials and results.

Step 4 (optional) - Giving something that is easy to take instant action on …..
Example' put up an image of a plank and say do this every day this week for 60 seconds. You will see your tummy tighten in just four days.......... the person that tags me in the best comedy plank picture wins a prize on Sunday!).

Step 5 – Offer a free trial or online challenge – These are so valuable because they allow your potential clients get a result before paying you a penny. Now they know you can bring them results, solve their problems and they owe you!

Step 6 – Offer a great longer term service at a fair price... You could even offer a discount for anyone that completed your challenge.

Step 7 – Let them join this service on a monthly recurring basis without any pre planned end date.

Imagine if every single post you made eventually brought you at least one new client! That should be your aim. If you think like this you will post a lot more often as well, which going back to the beginning is great because the most important thing will always be consistency!