3 Monthly Habits That Will Help You Grow Your Online Training Business

Dec 16, 2016

By Tim Saye

When building an online training business being consistent is the largest key to success. In the previous blog we went over the things you need to do on a weekly basis to steadily grow your online training and coaching business.

You can see that weekly habits guide here.

In this guide we go over 3 monthly habits that will grow your online business and keep you consistently moving forward.

1) Ask current clients/ members for referrals.

As with everything, just be open and honest- people like that! Contact your clients and members and tell them you're trying to build your business and help more people. Then ask if they have any friends and family that might benefit from your help. Simple!

Maybe you could offer a reward, such as affiliate commissions or a prize for the person who refers you the most new clients each month. But start by just asking.

If clients are truly pleased with your service, they'll be happy to introduce their friends and family.

2) Speak to influential people in similar fields.

Take the time to connect with and speak to other prominent figures who serve a similar niche to you. Nutritionists, doctors, health bloggers, Slimming World and Weight Watchers group admins, supplements providers and training equipment suppliers can all be great contacts.

Often the best way to contact them is via the same medium you found them. If you see them at a seminar, try to chat to them there. If you see them posting on Facebook, friend request them and say hi.

Keep it simple, keep it friendly and find out how you can help them. Try not to focus on how they can help you until you have a good relationship.

Some may ignore you and some may not be interested in what you have to say (this happens to us all on the way up), but others will become important contacts and even great friends further down the line. It can powerful inspiration to remember those who ignored you- a few successful years down the line, when they come back looking to be friends, you know you won't be working with them!!

3) Set up regular webinars or Skype interviews with experts that help your niche.

A great win-win for you, your audience and the influencers you connect with is to interview them over Skype and record it, or do a Webinar.

You get to share great knowledge that will help your followers, your audience get useful information that's relevant to their needs, and the interviewee gets to connect with a fresh source of potential clients.

Interviews and webinars with leading experts have been a huge source of great free training for our personal training software members.

Generally speaking, to get the biggest guests on an interview you will need a big following. They will usually ask how big your email list is. If it's small fear not- interviews make amazing Facebook ads and Facebook Ad interviews get a tonne of views. Boost the video for 6 weeks on Facebook and you should get them 10,000 views easily!

If you use the '3 step Facebook ads strategy' in the Success Map you will then have an amazing audience to help and advertise to and possibly a friend for life in the influencer, who has no doubt picked up quite a few new clients themselves!