1-1 Online Personal Training Packages

Mar 9, 2018

By Tim Saye

All online training packages should give clients everything they need to get great results.

This statement doesn't change if your service is $500 a month or free. Every client that comes your way should be able to get insane results by following the coaching you give them.

Many online trainers take out features such as nutrition coaching or lifestyle advice for their lower priced packages. This can create a disappointed client who no matter how well they follow your program can't get great results.

Clients will then say your coaching doesn't work and your reputation takes a nosedive.

You might be thinking, that's all very well but how do I differentiate my higher priced packages from my low priced ones? This is a very valid question with a very simple answer;

The difference between your lower priced and higher priced 1-1 online training packages is the level of personalisation involved and the time you spend dedicated to each client.

Each package you offer online should have;

- Assessment
- Training programs
- Nutrition Coaching
- Lifestyle advice
- Great communication

If there's anything else you feel will give clients great result then add it in.

For the sake of the examples below I will do them with 1-1 online training in mind, obviously you could have a group program at a lower price which can work brilliantly.


A lower priced package may have an upfront questionnaire about goals and lifestyle followed by regular checks on their results, adherence and possibly video reviews of their exercise technique.

By comparison a higher priced package could have all of those things as well as live Skype assessments which includes movement screens, chats, performance tests etc..

Training Programs

The high priced program could include programs made form the specifics of their assessments and everything built around their lifestyle which you can discuss on a month by month basis.

The lower priced program would have programs built around the information you have. These programs will most likely come from a template or a group and be tweaked for the individual client.


Your low priced program may come with a Facebook group for support and a number of pre scheduled messages and emails to help clients stay on track.

For your high priced program you may add in weekly video check-ins, and/ or regular messenger or telephone support, depending on what you and your client prefer.

Nutrition Coaching and lifestyle advice

The content of your coaching can remain very similar, after all, eating fruit and veg is eating fruit and veg no matter how much someone pays for the information.

The difference between a high priced package and a lower priced one is how you structure the coaching for each person based on the knowledge you have about your client.

On a higher priced package you're in regular personal contact with your client so giving them the perfect habit or advice for them at the perfect time is easy.

With your lower priced packages you give clients those same coaching videos, advice and habits to work on but you won't have the knowledge to tailor it as specifically to your clients current level and lifestyle as you do when chatting regularly to clients on a personal basis.

Setting up your nutrition and lifestyle coaching when using PT Distinction groups takes just a few seconds for each client.


The big time investment in your higher priced online training is in the movement assessments, creating bespoke programs and in the personal support you give each client. All of these things are hugely valuable to clients and help you get a near 100% success rate with clients.

This is also why you can still give people on your lower priced programs every bit of information they need to get amazing results without it taking up much of your time.

The success rate for these clients will be lower, but the price is less and they will only fail to get results if they don't follow the guidance you give them.

Every client should have everything they need to get great results. The higher the price of the package the more time you can put in to tailoring everything perfectly for each client.

With lower priced 1-1 programs, clients still get things tailored to them but they'll have a little less personal support and time dedicated to them.