The Simple Way To Get Your First 5-10 Online Clients Without Spending a $

Jun 30, 2016

By Tim Saye

This is super simple but it works every time, for every personal trainer that implements it. I have actually seen online personal trainers build their entire freedom business using this technique alone.

This friendly way of getting clients is completely free and requires zero marketing know how.

Step 1) - Go through all of your Facebook contacts and former clients. Send them all a private message that reads a little like this;

Hi [enter their first name],

It's been a while since we connected.

How are you?

[enter your name]

Step 2) - When people reply follow up and continue the conversation.

If it's appropriate let them know about the online coaching you're now doing. Don't try and sell it to them just let them know what it is you do if they ask you....... This is just about having a natural conversation with an old friend.

Step 3) - If they want to sign up let them know you have a special package for friends, tell them what you offer and how much it costs. If they're still keen then sign them up and train them online.

You would be surprised at how many of your friends and former clients are currently feeling a little fat, out of shape and in need of some assistance.

Worst case scenario is that they don't want to sign up and you've reconnected with an old friend.

I recommend having a single package which is a personalised coaching package for friends and family. To keep things simple only offer this one service to them. Make it good quality at a fair price.

This package should be simple yet effective, an example package may include;
- Personalised programs
- Monthly body stat measurements and progress photos
- Nutrition habit coaching via video (film yourself using your phone and upload to PTD)
- Recipes
- Encouragement and accountability emails
- A 15 minute phone/ Skype call every month
- A guarantee that if they follow your plan they will get the result they want

Price $99 a month

To a client this seems like a lot for a small price. But by using PT Distinction you can do it all in no time.

Schedule the assessments, recipes, nutrition coaching videos and encouragement emails in to a PTD group, then add your clients when they join. These assessments, recipes, coaching videos and emails will now go to each client when you want them delivered, on autopilot.

The only things that will take up your time is creating the programs and a 15 minute phone call (total of around 45 minutes for each client per month).

Your friends get an amazing service and hopefully great results and you get 5-10 online clients and an extra $495-$990 a month for helping them out.

Win win.