Something Free To Impress Your Face to Face Clients With

Jul 3, 2015

By Tim Saye

We get a lot of interest from trainers in our print out only client offer (you can add almost unlimited print out only clients as a free bonus when joining as a member of our personal training software).

One question that has been asked a lot is this;

Q - What exactly can I do with print out only clients?

A – With your print clients you can set them up on the system…… Create programs…… Create assessments…….. Record assessment results…… Record progress on programs……. Print custom assessment record sheets…... and... Print programs for clients. You can also print out all forms and questionaires as well as make your own. You will be able to record any results online. The only difference is that your clients won't get online access.

All of their programs, assessments and results will be neatly stored under your client’s name.

Many people have also been interested as to what the program print outs look like, here is a link to a version you may want to give a client before they go on holiday (YOUR banner will be displayed at the top though…. Not ours!)

Click here

As you can see, all exercises have clear photographs and instructions, the sets, reps, tempo, rest you prescribe are clearly demonstrated at the top.

If, your not a fan of walking around the gym with a tablet or phone in your hand and your happy to miss out on the progress charts and records you get when using our online personal training apps, below is an example of one you may wish to print for yourself when training your clients – This looks so good on a clip board that 2 trainers have signed up just through seeing mine in the gym! (again YOUR banner will be at the top)

Click here

As I said before, you get to add virtually unlimited clients for free (even though we hardly advertise this feature at all)... Just because we are nice!